What does DDS stand for massage?

DDS stands for Direct Detoxification System. Doctors are using DDS Bio-electric therapy for patient physiotherapy. This technology can remove residual toxins from the bloodstream, activate cells, regulate body acidity, and instantly open the meridians.

DDS Bio-electro-dialysis physiotherapy technology combines the advantages of traditional acupuncture, cupping, gua sha, and massage. It surpasses traditional techniques in the speed and depth of its efficacy.  A single DDS meridian physiotherapy session is equivalent in its benefits to several remedial massages.


  • Conditions Treated:
  • *Breast hyperplasia
  • *Cervical spondylosis
  • *Constipation
  • *Facial paralysis
  • *Femoral head necrosis
  • *Frozen shoulder
  • *Gallstones
  • *Gout
  • *Hypertension
  • *Insomnia
  • *Lumbar disc herniation
  • *Lumbar muscle strain
  • *Migraines
  • *And so much more!!!


Energy meridians have been highlighted for thousands of years in traditional oriental medicine. The blockages in the circulation of vital energy through these circuits can be removed by acupuncture, acupressure, reflexotherapy and more recently by a device that has proved its effectiveness by combining the principles of Chinese medicine with reflexology and technology involving the use of biocurrents.

The procedure consists of a gentle stimulation massage using bio-currents along the energy meridians, achieving broad effects of detoxification, acid-base balancing, beneficial stimulation of the endocrine glands, and, last but not least, reduction of joint and muscle pain (due to endorphin secretion) and improvement of blood and lymphatic circulation.

Minimum 3 sessions. Optimal 9 sessions. At least one per week.

    • people with pacemaker or any other electro-magnetic device;
    • persons with metal implants (rods, screws, etc.).

We provide a family friendly and contemporary vision for CHINESE massage in GEELONG.

Our name DDS reflects what we’re all about – “DIRECT DETOXIFICATION SYSTEM” of massage, experienced therapists, with relevant options of remedial, therapeutic and relaxation massage on the menu.

Put your feet up and relax with a foot massage, or totally unwind with one of our full body massages! DDS CHINESE MASSAGE – Where therapeutic meets relaxation.

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